Since January of this year, W&M has been monitoring the novel coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak and actively responding, in close consultation with public health experts, the VA Department of Health and our peers.




高校教学,活动和旅游临时政策是通过学期末有效。他们宣布在3月11日到校园社区的电子邮件从总裁凯瑟琳。罗和 扩展3月19日. All W&M classes will be held remotely starting March 23 through the end of the semester. All residence halls will close for the remainder of the semester, and we ask the few students remaining on campus to activate their personal evacuation plans and leave their residence halls no later than March 25. While the university is still operating, facilities are locked, accessible by electronic or manual key to faculty, staff and students who require entry.



常见问题解答 for Faculty, Employees & Students

具体来说,如果您有关于covid-19的冲击区域的问题,健康的弗吉尼亚部门已在757-594-7069开通了呼叫中心。请检查 Peninsula & Hampton Health District Facebook的页面的操作时间。有关详细信息,关于covid-19的疾病, 访问CDC网站