William & Mary 传统


召开{{YouTube的的:介质:右| vgoft4xkt4g,打开召开}}

这一切都始于 开放召开, the official start of the academic year and a chance for the entire W&M community — students, faculty and staff — to welcome the incoming class. After listening to a convocation speaker, the president of the university leads the new students through the Wren portico to the wild cheers and warm handshakes of the crowd. Afterward, everyone digs into a delicious picnic dinner with live music.


The 筏辩论Some William & Mary traditions are patently strange (just the way we like them). Consider the 筏辩论, a rhetorical royal rumble between faculty members representing different academic disciplines at the university. Here’s the set-up: four survivors of a shipwreck are stranded on a deserted island with only one tiny raft. Each must convince the audience that he or she is the most worthy person to sail back to civilization. What follows are wildly theatrical appeals by otherwise normal professors and lots of semi-civil name-calling. The audience picks the winner by the volume of its applause.

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包机天{{YouTube的的:介质:右| GA-cp4d_uas,包车一天}}

February brings the annual celebration of the granting of William & Mary's 皇家宪章 by King William III and Queen Mary II in 1693 — think "Happy Birthday William & Mary." 包机天 庆祝活动包括 注,荣誉学位和多个奖项,以学生,教师和校友和分布(近年来)章程天演唱会或表演的扬声器。


Ringing the Wren BellOn the last day of classes in the spring, there are official and unofficial traditions galore. As each senior finishes his or her final class at William & Mary, they’re invited to ring the ceremonial Wren bell. The cheerful echo of the bell can be heard all day long as seniors line up with their friends and hall mates for this unforgettable moment. Then W&M throws a huge party with food and games in the Sunken Garden. The last day of classes is celebrated with live bands, free tacos and late-night pancakes.

King & Queen Ball

The whole W&M student body celebrates the end of the academic year with a huge formal party called the King and Queen Ball. Held under the stars in the Sunken Garden, the celebration includes food, live music and dancing late into the night. The party is capped off by a toast from the president of the university and a rousing chorus of the 母校.

Candlelight Ceremony & 开始{{youtube:medium:right|CJ_SDPEFmZ4, Candlelight Ceremony}}

The night before graduation, all the seniors flock to the Wren Yard for a magical candle-lighting ceremony. Tradition holds that the seniors select three speakers — one faculty member, one administrator and one fellow student — each of whom has had a close relationship with the class during their years at William & Mary. The atmosphere is fun and nostalgic, culminating in the illumination of the Wren Yard as light from a Wren Candle is passed from classmate to classmate. And, of course, with candles aloft, we sing the 母校.

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Then it’s time for William & Mary’s unique 开始,完成由开毕业典礼开始了象征性的圆。四年后,他们从鹪鹩建设对同学们的欢呼声中出现了,前辈相反方向返回(我们所有的毕业生加入),回穿过在其全部毕业粉墨装扮的门廊。从那里,他们继续他们的“在校园散步”的毕业典礼。