Health & Wellness

大学和应急管理团队监测与covid-19的发展。访问 最新的更新和资源。此外,我们的部门正在积极建设的集合 Virtual Health & Wellness 资源 - 文章,点播视频和实时在线活动 - 以提高我们社会的健康。

At William & Mary we’re committed to the health and well-being of our community. We know that health isn’t just about your physical well-being — it includes your emotional, financial, environmental, intellectual, occupational, social and spiritual health as well. Together counselors and coaches, trainers and teachers, doctors and nurses, classmates and friends are all passionate about caring for one another and helping each other flourish.

  • The McLeod Tyler Wellness Center embodies our philosophy of {{//, integrated wellness}}. At William & Mary we believe and recognize that wellness is multi-dimensional, and we encourage students to think about their well-being that way.

  • Student Rec Center rock wall


  • jogging on trails

    A student jogs through the College Woods, a beautiful expanse of land surrounding William & Mary. The woods are a recreational and educational outlet for the community with more than 10 miles of {{//,trails surrounding Lake Matoaka}} for runners, bikers and walkers.

  • Several students sitting in the two story glass atrium of the Wellness Center, overlooking the woods behind the building.

    在麦克劳德泰勒健康中心在2018年8月开业,致力​​于支持我们的蓬勃发展学生的身体。 {{//,wellness}}无处不在,但在麦克劳德泰勒健身中心你的邀请来了解它 - 不管是采取一个类,看到一个顾问或去看医生。

  • William & Mary {{//,校园娱乐}} hosted yoga at the Martha Wren Briggs Amphitheatre at Lake Matoaka in the spring.

  • bubble soccer

    Students had a ball when {{//,AMP}} brought bubble soccer to W&M's Busch Field, a great way to unwind after a day at Swem Library.

  • Spin class in progress in front of large mirrors

    的{{//,student REC中心}}是健康的轮毂和健康校园。很多法院的发挥上,很多健身课程,有氧器械和力量汲取来自全国各地校学生。

  • yoga on the Sunken Garden

    在下沉式庭院,位于老校区的心脏,作为放松,娱乐和无数传统的地方 - 询问他们的最爱你的校园导游。

  • student riding bike across campus

    A student bikes to class on a beautiful fall day. Cycling, a passion of the {{//,W&M Bike Alliance}}, has many benefits, including improving physical and mental health.