W&M's COVID-19 Response


总裁凯瑟琳一个。罗先生和其他特邀嘉宾主持的 虚拟 社区对话 on March 27 to share how William & Mary has and continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The president addressed many questions we have received from our community.

"At William & Mary, we hold the value of belonging among our most cherished ideals. In this pandemic, I count on each of us to affirm that value: it is our individual and collective responsibility to create a welcoming and caring community that embraces diverse people and perspectives. I join 威廉斯堡的市长和市议会 在要求大家在我们的社区,近及远,对待彼此相互尊重 - 与同情的不确定性和担心,我们一起面对。仇恨,仇外心理和种族主义的事件对我们的校园或在我们的社区没有的地方,不会被容忍。”

- 凯瑟琳一个。罗会长

如果你有具体涉及covid-19的区域影响的问题,健康的弗吉尼亚部门在757-594-7069开通了呼叫中心。请检查 Peninsula & Hampton Health District Facebook的页面的操作时间。有关covid-19病的详细信息, 访问CDC网站.