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A car drives through water on a roadway

第三届“赶王”事件 - 当训练有素的志愿者打汉普顿海岸映射今年的最高天文大潮的范围 - 发生了星期天的早晨,虽然潮的覆盖面可能没有相当的“雄伟”的近年来,该数据是提供威尼斯人官网公民科学家仍然只是作为黄金。


Joanna Schug

Each year, the 校友会 honors five professors in the early stages of their careers who exemplify teaching excellence at William & Mary.

Three people sort through a seine haul catch on a beach

Preliminary results from an ongoing long-term survey conducted by researchers at William & Mary's 弗吉尼亚海洋科学研究所 suggest an average year class of young-of-year striped bass was produced in Virginia tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay in 2019.

The cover of Building on the Legacy: African Americans at William & Mary
First history of African Americans at W&M published

“Building on the Legacy: African Americans at William & Mary,” an illustrated history, was written by Jacquelyn McLendon, professor of English, emerita, and was released this month.