W&M Weekly 新闻letter

该 W&M Weekly newsletter includes a selection of the top st要么ies, events, videos 和 photos from the Alma Mater of the Nation.

通过所产生的 大学通信办公室 与协调 大学的进步, W&M Weekly features st要么ies from W&M 新闻,其中包括来自整个大学的内容。

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Due to space constraints, not all stories featured in W&M 新闻 may be included in the newsletter. Instead, editors will determine which stories to highlight based on several factors, including the scope of potential reader interest, the timeliness of the st要么y, the quality of its associated art 和 other considerations.

Submit st要么y ideas to W&M 新闻 by contacting the appropriate 拍作家 高校内部通信。


Events are pulled from the W&M 事件 系统。 Again, due to space limitations, the editors of the newsletter  select events based on several factors, including whether they are open to the public 和 if they are of interest to a wide range of people. If selected f要么 inclusion, recurring events will only be featured once in the newsletter.

提交事件挂牌的 W&M 事件 系统。


Videos produced by both University Communications 和 大学的进步 are featured. 视频 created by other professional communicators at W&M may also be considered f要么 inclusion.

提交视频请求 W&M 新闻 要么 大学的进步.


相片 taken by both W&M photographers 和 amateur photographers may be considered for inclusion. Submitted photos may also be considered f要么 use on W&M's social media channels.

对于照片提交准则概述了 提交页面.


Dozens of departments, programs and offices at W&M offer their own newsletters or similar products, featuring their own content. Please visit their respective web pages for more information. However, the university does offer campuswide digests f要么 both faculty, staff 和 students.

W&M Digest provides an avenue of official communications f要么 W&M faculty and staff. 该 digest email is distributed Monday-Friday, between 8:30 和 9 a.m. as a moderated list. 学到更多提交公告.

学生发生的事情 is an email digest of announcements and information about activities 和 items of interest to the W&M student community. Students are automatically subscribed. Other members of the W&M community can request to be subscribed by contacting the IT Technology Support Center at 221-HELP 要么 supp要么t@wm.edu.

学生发生的事情 网站,用户可以提交公告,并查看以前提交的声明以及以前完成的问题。 W&M 事件 和 TribeLink are available f要么 publicizing events. Review the 学生发生的事情的准则 并学习如何 提交事件.