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          William & Mary

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          W&M Board of 访问ors unanimously affirms new vision, mission, values

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            路标未来  The William & Mary Board of 访问ors unanimously endorsed the university's community-drafted statements of 愿景,使命和价值观.  照片由斯蒂芬·salpukas
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          The Board of 访问ors on Friday unanimously endorsed William & Mary’s new 愿景,使命和价值观 语句,将掌声陈述领导人和视频片段特色前国防部长罗伯特·盖茨1965年,l.h.d. '98。

          The statements reflected roughly six months’ work by two committees that included input from the entire William & Mary community, including students, alumni, faculty and staff.

          “As William & Mary charts its short- and medium-term futures, it was imperative that we have these shared guideposts as reference points for our community,” said W&M President Katherine A. Rowe. “We thank the drafting groups and everyone who participated in refining these statements to reflect our aspirations, our charge and our core values.”

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          “It is apparent that the crafting of these guiding statements was led by a smart, able, caring community,” said John E. Littel, rector of the Board of 访问ors. “The board has been pleased to see how enthusiastic the W&M community has been to engage in the ongoing 策略计划 process, to great result.”

          起草愿景,使命和价值观陈述代表的第一阶段 策略计划, following Rowe’s preliminary Thinking Forward initiative that gathered feedback about the future of knowledge, work and service at William & Mary.

          The second phase, environmental analysis, involves reviewing the higher education landscape broadly and reporting back to the community the opportunities and challenges W&M faces. That work foregrounds the third phase, in which W&M will identify strategic goals for the next five to 10 years.

          In the summer of 2019, Rowe asked two committees of faculty, staff, students and alumni to draft William & Mary’s 愿景,使命和价值观 statements. The groups were chaired by Ginger Ambler ’88, Ph.D. ’06, vice president for student affairs, and Chon Glover, M.Ed. ’99, Ed.D. ’06, chief diversity officer.

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          An initial draft was shared in a community-wide forum on Oct. 1, where attendees offered feedback. The forum was livestreamed so that all members of the community could participate. An online portal also gathered comments, and the two committees hosted a dozen input-gathering sessions, including at least one in each of W&M’s five schools.

          “搞创造一个持久的一套建立在包含在我们的社会中有很多声音的原则声明的过程中,机会是超越回报,”格洛弗说。 “谢谢你威尼斯人官网谁参与了这一进程,并特别感谢我们对在这个征途上共同起草小组的同事社区的每一个成员。”

          “I couldn’t agree more,” Ambler said. “Though our writing groups worked with great care to create initial drafts for consideration, the final statements would not be what they are now without the community’s honest reactions, shared insights and substantive suggestions. How meaningful it has been to engage with so many people over these last few months – to listen and to talk together not only about what distinguishes William & Mary, but also about who we aspire to be.”


          William & Mary transcends the boundaries between research and teaching, teaching and learning, learning and living. People come to William & Mary wanting to understand and change the world – and together we do.


          A preeminent, public research university grounded in the liberal arts and sciences since 1693, William & Mary is a vibrant and inclusive community. Through close mentoring and collaboration, we inspire lifelong learning, generate new knowledge, and expand understanding. We cultivate creative thinkers, principled leaders, and compassionate global citizens equipped for lives of meaning and distinction. William & Mary convenes great minds and hearts to meet the most pressing needs of our time.

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          • 归属感。 我们创建了一个温馨和关怀的社区,涵盖不同的人与观点。
          • 好奇心。 我们培育一个开放的学术环境,冠军智力敏捷性和激发创作灵感的发现,保护,应用和知识的进步。
          • 卓越。 我们的目标是非凡的,认识到个人的成长和有意义的成就需要大胆创新的愿望,勇敢的冒险,并集中精力。
          • 芊芊。 We create conditions that ensure William & Mary will thrive for all time coming, and we empower those who live, learn, and work here to make choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.
          • 完整性。 我们是光荣的,公平的,值得信赖,致力于最高的道德标准,我们所做的一切。
          • 尊重。 我们对待彼此相互尊重,承认和维护每个人的固有尊严和价值。
          • 服务。 我们从事与个人和社区远近兼顾,奉献我们的知识,技能和时间来服务于更大的利益。
          William & Mary is a community that fosters deep human connection. We reflect on the lessons of history to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. We engage diverse perspectives and seek wisdom in bridging differences. Together, we are unceasing in our efforts to make a meaningful difference in our communities, the state, the nation, and the world.

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