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W&M joins commonwealth’s Tech Talent initiative to produce more computer scientists

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    更多的技术,更多的人才:  William & Mary’s undergraduate major in computer science has experienced considerable growth in the past decade. The university’s participation in Virginia’s Tech Talent Investment Program will secure funding to expand on that natural growth.  照片由斯蒂芬·salpukas
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更新:拉尔夫诺瑟姆州长办公室 公布的新数据 对于由国家来产生额外的计算机科学学位为主动高科技人才的一部分。英联邦将产生 最低25000新度 在未来的20年中,用进球超过生产31000新度这一数字。

William & Mary will receive more than $1.3 million annually in additional state support as part of a bipartisan initiative designed to generate 25,000 additional computer science degrees in Virginia by 2039.

Governor Ralph Northam announced a round of awards in the Tech Talent Investment Program in a Nov. 7 ceremony at Virginia State University. William & Mary President Katherine A. Rowe was present at the ceremony.

“这个项目是在弗吉尼亚州,投资”说省长诺瑟姆。 “弗吉尼亚州的高科技产业将会继续,如果我们只能红火列车那些工作需要的劳动力。随着今天的宣布,我们的教育名员工,将填补在高科技公司工作周围数百联合体,其中包括亚马逊,帮助提振我们的经济和生活质量在弗吉尼亚州的每一个角落“。

Confirmed through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the state, William & Mary’s award will allow the university to add faculty in the 计算机科学系。作为回报,高科技人才回眸要求在从2019基线的62至121毕业生在10年产生的大学的计算机科学学士学位增长 通过满足通过适当的入学高需求和增长存在的问题。

“William & Mary applauds Virginia’s initiative in advancing critical capabilities within the commonwealth,” Rowe said. “William & Mary’s wide-ranging curriculum prepares technically savvy graduates to think critically, ethically and strategically. We know these talented human beings will thrive in the rapidly changing technology sector. We are enthusiastic partners with the business community, legislature and Governor in making Virginia a magnet for talent.”

William & Mary’s Board of 访问ors passed a resolution in April authorizing the university to apply for Tech Talent funding, a program spurred by Amazon’s announcement to locate a second corporate headquarters — known as HQ2 — in Northern Virginia.

The Tech Talent announcement includes William & Mary in a category with Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia for funding aimed at expanding the state’s overall production of computer science degrees by 75 percent over a 20-year period. Sam Jones, William & Mary’s senior vice president for finance and administration, noted that ongoing funding is based on performance — that is, production of additional computer science degrees.

“Tech Talent funds continue to build William & Mary’s strength in disciplines that are essential to the state’s workforce while meeting student demand for computer science,” Jones said. “These funds supplement fiscal year 2020 funding provided by the commonwealth to address high-demand degree programs, including 数据科学.”

In addition to the Tech Talent funding for computer science, the commonwealth’s 2018/2020 budget amendment early this year allocated $570,000 in funding and three full-time faculty positions to support William & Mary’s newly approved 数据科学 重大的。

William & Mary is committing to graduate 67 CS bachelor degrees in 2020, then 72 in 2021, and so on, to a peak expectation of 121 bachelor degrees by 2030. The university is expected to maintain that peak annual number of CS graduates until 2039, with an estimated 65 percent of the graduates being Virginia students. The MOU calls for $781,842 in additional operating support this fiscal year, and then $1.38 million in each subsequent year until the 2039-2040 fiscal year.

此外联合体将提供额外的资金,以支持资产$ 1.5亿纳税年度2020-21形式,和$ 300,000几乎从高教仪器设备信托基金在最初的3整年的经营高科技人才。

Provost Peggy Agouris said Dennis Manos, vice provost for research and graduate/professional studies, and Michael Lewis, chair of computer science, helped make the initiative a reality on W&M’s campus.

“They and many others on our campus recognize William & Mary’s important role in increasing the number of computer science graduates to further Virginia’s importance to the nation and to the world,” Agouris said.

Computer science has seen a surge in the number of graduates at William & Mary since 2010, in which the department had 12 graduates. More recent William & Mary graduating classes have contained between 60 and 75 computer science bachelor’s degrees. With the increasing popularity of the CS major, Lewis said the Tech Talent funding will allow the department to grow enrollment and expand the curriculum without compromising class sizes.

“The outcome of this initiative is great news for William & Mary students and faculty as well the state’s future workforce,” Lewis said.