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          William & Mary

          W&M provides details on interim actions around 新冠肺炎

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            新冠肺炎:  The W&M administration has focused its efforts around four goals: safeguarding the health of students, faculty and staff; ensuring students complete their classes; maintaining the university’s research and other operations; and joining in the national effort to slow the spread of 新冠肺炎 to protect communities.  CDC图像
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          William & Mary continues to take steps to safeguard the campus community against 新冠肺炎 并参与国家努力减缓其传播。

          Sam Jones and Ginger Ambler, co-chairs of W&M’s Emergency Management Team, sent an 电子邮件 to the campus community Friday, March 13, to provide faculty, staff and students details on interim policies implemented by the university earlier this week.

          The 电子邮件 provided updates on teleworking, emergency leave, residence hall access, grading, online instruction and COVID-19 exposure. Additional information has been added to the W&M 新冠肺炎 网站.

          “我们认识到,这是一个充满挑战和潜在的焦虑时间”的电子邮件中说。 “当我们一起度过这次合作,还记得我们共同的目标和我们的社区精神力量。”

          总裁凯瑟琳一个。罗维 公布 在消息的校园社区周三,她还通过4月3日概述了指令,旅游和事件所大学的临时政策,这些目标。

          All in-person classes were suspended with classes beginning again online or remotely on March 23. Additionally, W&M canceled all university-sponsored travel and events.

          上周四,应急管理小组获悉校园社区,在米勒厅一位工作人员报告可能暴露于covid-19的可能的情况。该人没有表现出症状,但自我隔离和监控。员工谁了个人密接触,要求也自我隔离,以及 - 出于谨慎的 - 米勒大厅里所有的员工被要求进行远程工作,直到周一,而该建筑被彻底清洗。

          “一直以来,我们社会的健康和福利仍然是我们的首要任务,” EMT的电子邮件中说。 “我们互相关心,我们采取互相照顾。将继续作为我们对迅速变化的局势作出反应。”


          “这些决定会有后果对我们每个人的工作和生活中,”罗伊说。 “改变短期计划和长期的习惯需要时间,精力和耐心。”


          The university has been monitoring the spread of the virus since January, and the W&M Emergency Management Team issued regular updates over the past several weeks. The President’s Cabinet and EMT have been meeting throughout spring break and consulting with the Virginia Department of Health and other agencies and institutions of higher education.

          Departments and offices across campus have also been working to support the prevention and response efforts. For instance, Information Technology and the Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation have been collaborating to support the move to remote learning. A 网站 在本周推出,为教职员工提供网上教学,远程教学和技术资源和支持。


          The university will continue to monitor the ever-evolving situation and update the campus community with additional details by the beginning of April. In the meantime, the latest information may be found on W&M’s 新冠肺炎 网站.

          “William & Mary is a resilient community,” said Rowe. “I have seen this firsthand, particularly in recent weeks. We take care of each other. I am confident that will be the case in the coming days and weeks. Thanks to each of you for your creativity, understanding and commitment to this shared effort.”

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