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          William & Mary

          Yusef Salaam of the exonerated Central Park Five to speak at W&M

          • Yusef Salaam
            纪念音箱:  优素福达累斯萨拉姆而奉献一生的宣传和教育,我在全国各地的大学和其他机构发言。  礼貌照片
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          Yusef Salaam of the Exonerated Five, formerly known as the Central Park Five, will speak at William & Mary’s 2020 Martin Luther King Jr. commemoration on Jan. 30. Television personality Stephanie Walters, lifestyle correspondent on “Hampton Roads Show” and “Virginia This Morning,” will moderate the discussion.

          免费向公众开放,纪念计划开始于下午7时。萨德勒在该中心的礼堂共同体。人们有兴趣参加必须登记门票 线上.

          达累斯萨拉姆是在五个男孩 - 四个非洲裔和一个拉美裔 - 谁被定罪的暴力行为,强奸和企图白人妇女在纽约市中央公园的谋杀在1989年当一个连环强奸犯和杀人犯于2002年承认自己的罪行,这五个男孩的信念被推翻。赛俩目,谁在攻击的时候15岁,曾有服事了七年近。

          Since his release, Salaam has dedicated his life to advocacy and education, and he has spoken at universities and other institutions around the country. In 2014, Salaam received an honorary doctorate from Anointed by God Ministries Alliance & Seminary. Two years later, he received the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama. He was appointed to the board of the Innocence Project in 2018.


          “I am excited to have Dr. Yusef Salaam of the Exonerated Five, formally known as the Central Park Five come to William & Mary,” said Shené V. Owens, associate director of the Center for Student Diversity. “After brainstorming with students on who we should bring to speak this year, it was a freshman, Alton Coston, who suggested that we bring one of the Exonerated Five.


          Sponsored by the W&M Center for Student Diversity and Office of Community Values & Restoration Practices, the commemoration aims to celebrate the legacy of King, who devoted his life to advocating for equality, human rights and justice, said Owens.

          The Center for Student Diversity, Office of Community Engagement, Kappa Pi chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the William & Mary chapter of NAACP, and the Black Student Organization will also honor King with a day of service and march on Jan. 25.

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